Supervision Contract for the provision of counselling supervision with Wales Counselling

Claire McCluskey
M.Sc. B.A. Relate Cert C.C.
Registered Counsellor BACP & UKRC

Coast Road, Rhyl, LL18 3PL
07551 529 386

Supervision Contract

This is a supervision contract between Claire McCluskey and _____________________ .

From _____________________ until its review (or ending) on _____________________ .

We both:

What is supervision?

We are agreed that supervision is a forum used by supervisees to reflect on all aspects of their clinical work, where they receive formal and informal feedback on that work and where the safety and welfare of clients and the quality of the service they receive is central.


We agree to meet for _____________________ (duration) hours every _____________________ (month/fortnight) at _____________________ .

At a time arranged at the end of each supervisory session.

Sessions cost £45 per hour.


We have agreed that the following arrangements will take place in the following situations:


The following guidelines/ground rules will guide our time together:

Roles and Responsibilities:

We agree that both supervisor and supervisee are a BACP members and maintains this over the duration of the contract.

The supervisor will continue their continuing professional development and have supervision for their supervision.

We have agreed that I as supervisor will take responsibility for the process:

We have agreed that as a supervisee you will be responsible for:

Evaluation and Review:

We have agreed that informal evaluation of


Will take place every sixth session.

Formal evaluations will take place at end of year or as requested by either supervisor or supervisee.

The criteria against which evaluation of supervisees will take place at the end of this contract.

Renegotiation of Contract

At any time either party (supervisor or supervisee) can initiate discussion around re-negotiation of the contract or any part of it. This is done in advance so there is preparatory time available.

Signed _____________________ (Supervisor)

Signed _____________________ (Supervisee)

Signed _____________________ (Others e.g. organisation or training institution)