Wales Counselling offers counselling for gay and same-sex relationships, as well as transgender and crossdressing issues

Claire McCluskey
M.Sc. B.A. Relate Cert C.C.
Registered Counsellor BACP & UKRC

Coast Road, Rhyl, LL18 3PL
07551 529 386

Same Sex Relationships, Transgender, Cross-dressing & Relationships

Naturally, same sex relationships will have same ups and downs as all couples do.

Our society has been historically oppressive of same sex relationships, for example, with mental health and legal categories promoting inequality between same sex couples and heterosexual couples.

Systemic attitudes and expectations ranging from family, friends, community to culture and society etc can be supportive or detrimental to same sex couples.

Male relationship role models and scripts may not be as readily accessible.

In a gay culture where sex may be prioritised and accessible, monogamy may bring its own challenges.

The higher rates of sexually transmitted infection including HIV among gay men can bring extra stress and problems to relationships or consequences form affairs.

Having children within a same sex relationship can challenge a traditional nuclear family structure and societal expectations around this.

Transgender and transvestite (cross dressing) feelings can be very difficult to deal with individually and within couple relationships.

Changing gender identity emotionally and physically can challenge gender roles within the relationship and the relationship may or may not be able to adjust to this.

Each partner may wish to be understood by the other and may struggle to make sense of the thoughts, feelings and behaviours of their partner.

Parents might wonder how to deal with these issues with regard to their children.

As with any relationship change or crisis this can high emotion in both partners and counselling may help explore the issues together.

Source: Gilbert Shmuker, Brief Therapy with Couples: An Integrative Approach